About the artist

 I use photography to present my version of this beautiful and large world in which we live.  In combining three of my biggest passions in life--photography, travel, and nature, I have discovered my style and voice as an artist and conservationist.    As an artist, I bring a unique perspective to nature photography.  I focus on simplicity in composition and draw emotion into the image.  As a conservationist, I create awareness about the world around us, not only in the realm of nature and wildlife but also within cultures of our world which are disappearing at a rapid rate.  

The first time I picked up a professional camera was in high school before the digital age came about.  I was also painting at that time of my life which was a major influence in the way I see the world.  At first photography was more of a hobby for me as I traveled; but during a year I spent in Alaska, my love and appreciation for nature photography in particular evolved into a meaningful calling.  I continue to travel the world in order to share this amazing planet with others.

me and penguins.jpg